Points In The Sky.


“I wanted this image to really show the grandeur of the mountain, the sharpness of the peaks. The way they seem to be cutting the clouds as they pass by” -Robert Lowdon  

The landscape at Yoho National Park is absolutely awe inspiring. It is so extraordinary, that it grabs your attention and heightens your emotions. This National Park is located in southeastern British Columbia and was very aptly named, since Yoho is a term that the Cree people use for ‘awe’ or ‘amazement’. There is so much to experience at this national park that thousands of tourists, sightseers and artists flock here every year.  

The western and central slopes of the Rocky Mountains are found at Yoho and it has some of the largest mountains in this chain. The Rocky Mountains are mostly made of limestone, shale, silica and dolomite rocks. This makes them prone to rockfall and some sections of the mountains are extremely hazardous to climb. Avalanches pose hazards all throughout the year, even in the summertime. Despite the risks, outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the scenic mountains where they can participate in skiing, snowboarding, and mountain climbing, scrambling and biking.  

Points in the Sky fully captures the grandeur of one of the spectacular sites found in Yoho National Park – the Rocky Mountains. Ominous clouds are cut by the jagged tops of the mountain as they cross over. The immensity and ruggedness of the mountain is evident in this artwork. As you look at this photograph, you can feel the chill the air, smell the crisp mountain air and sense the shadows formed by the passing clouds and immense mountain.

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Mountain peaks pointing towards the sky. with clouds traveling across the mountain range. Photographed in the Canadian Rockies.

Artist Proof Limited Edition Artist Signed, Numbered & Inspected

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