Sunset | Jasper

The sun sets over jasper national park in Alberta
The sun sets over jasper national park in Alberta

Sunset | Jasper

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The sky bursts with orange clouds as the sun sets over the mountains of Jasper. in this landscape photograph. In the foreground, a fast moving lake moves toward the viewer.

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Photographed in Jasper National Park, Alberta. This is an open edition reproduction photographic print. Available in sizes 8 x 12, 16 x 24, & 20 x 30. Finish: Pearl 

Behind The Image

"This image is all about the orange in the sky. You don't often see great sunsets in the mountains. I ended up walking by this river near the overflow camping I stayed in at the park, which was basically a field. Walking down the road later that night I was able to photograph this image. Although, at one I was worried I was going to be carried off by the bugs." -Robert Lowdon

Jasper National Park

The park was first established in 1907. Located in Alberta, Canada the park is teaming with wildlife.

Matching This Piece To Your Home

This artwork has a strong orange sky with a silver base. A piece like this is good for a standout image in your home. White walls would be best suited for this image and would hang nicely in a bright home.

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