Winnipeg Photo Locations: Kings Park

Written by Robert Lowdon

Robert Lowdon is an internationally published commercial photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He spends his time photographing architecture and industrial projects for the most part.

Published October 21, 2013

kings park Winnipeg

This is the first in my series of great locations in Winnipeg to photograph. As a photographer this represents my personal favorites list and what I think are some of the truly amazing green spaces that we have in Winnipeg.


Perhaps the greatest amenity of King’s Park and it’s photographic potential is the shear amount of water that runs around the park. The park is bordered by the Red River on three sides, as well a large pond runs through the center.

The abundance of resources gives the opportunity for a great deal of variety as a photographer. I am always on the look out for for varying perspectives and angles in my photography, and an environment that presents numerous challenges to photograph is always a great benefit. 


Kings Park presents forested areas, numerous trails, the Red River as well as a few rolling hills. The fact that all of this is combined in a prairie environment, never mind a city park, is truly remarkable. Oh and there is also several small bridges, a small descending creek, and a “Chinese” pagoda (why I don’t know but there it is). 



Another absolutely great feature of this park is that it is relatively deserted in the early morning. When shooting long landscape exposures the last thing any photographer wants is people walking through the frame.


What to Photography in Kings Park:

  • Personally I recommend staying away from the pagoda. It is a standard shot and heavily photographed, not much originality here. 

  • Walk the trials. There is so much to photograph on the trails alone it is easy to spend hours in a small area.

  • Get a shot from the top. Shooting form the tallest hill down allows you to include water, the “hills” in the distance and the trees in the background.

  • Stay away from the Dog Park. If you’re into photographing dogs then by all means. If you’re not then stay away or be prepared for lots of people walking into your frame carrying plastic bags. And trust me, nobody wants to see what is in those bags.

  • Go to the Red River. It would be just dumb not to.


The Best Part About Kings Park:

Perhaps the greatest attribute is the fact that Kings Park is surrounded by trees all the way around, and the center is open. This means that you can take advantage of directional lighting from the sun throughout the year. Every photographer should know how important light is, and you can easily take advantage of it here. 

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