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Ranked as one of the most livable cities in North America, Calgary is widely considered the crown jewel of Alberta and the gateway to the Canadian Rockies. It offers an excellent quality of life, low tax rates, and memorable outdoor experiences, which – when combined with its abundance of shopping opportunities, dining, and nightlife – makes the City of Calgary a wonderful destination to wander in wonder.

Calgary’s award-winning architecture plays a significant role in its progression towards becoming a world-class city. From the sweeping curves of the Calgary Central Library to the towering nature of the Calgary Tower; the diagrid of steel woven into the façade of the Bow office tower to the elliptical vessel shape of the 707 Fifth office building, architects are thinking outside the box of 21st-century design – offering plenty to be captured in this Western metropolis.

Continue reading below to learn about how an architectural photographer can help your business.

Calgary Archtectural Photographer

Robert Lowdon is an architectural photographer that specializes in creating stunning images of buildings and projects in Calgary.

We have over 10 years of experience photographing everything from small businesses to large scale developments. Our team is passionate about photography and we love bringing our clients’ vision to life.


Calgary’s skyline is growing at an impressive rate and its architecture is becoming more and more unique. With our exterior photography services, we can help you show off your building in all its glory. We will make sure to highlight all the best features of your property while also making sure that the photos are properly lit and composed.


The interior of your building says a lot about your company. It is important to make sure that potential clients or customers have a good first impression of your business. With our interior photography services, we can help you showcase your space in the best light possible. We will make sure to capture all the important details while also paying attention to the overall atmosphere of the space.


Calgary is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. With our aerial photography services, we can help you show off your building or property in a whole new way. We will make sure to capture all the best features of your property from a birds-eye view. This is a great way to show potential customers or clients the scale of your property or project.

Retail store photography

Retail Store Interiors

When we photograph retail interiors, attention to detail is paramount. There are many lighting considerations to be made when it comes to photographing store interiors. We will meet every challenge head-on and ensure that the space is properly lit to showcase your store and products.

Applying an understanding of composition, we will create photographs that provide a glimpse inside the retail space without appearing too cluttered or busy. Photographs that make your clients want to visit instead of never visiting in the first place.

Industrial building photography

Industrial Buildings & Warehouses

Photographing industrial buildings, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities presents many unique challenges. These structures are often large and boxy, with many large windows.

We have the skills and experience to meet these challenges. We pride ourselves on creating aesthetically pleasing photographs that capture the imagination of the viewer and encourage them see beyond the bricks and mortar.

This photograph of the Earth Fresh produce company’s facility demonstrates the use of leading lines, and the natural environment to add visual interest. The angle of the photograph helps to avoid flattening the building and bring out its texture. The natural beauty of the surroundings complement the architecture, with objects in the foreground, such as plants and trees, resulting in drawing the eye in.

Photograph large buildings

Large Buildings & Skyscrapers

Large buildings have an imposing quality. They inspire awe in their onlookers. This is something we want to convey in the images we create. We have the skill and architectural photography experience required to capture large structures in their entirety, and ensure that there is no distortion of architectural features or converging vertical lines.

Restaurant photography

Stand Alone Stores & Restaurants

When photographing a store or restaurant, it is important to study the structure, in order to create images that emphasize the building’s unique design characteristics. We put thought and care into the composition of our restaurant photographs.

We know that with the right lighting and angles, your business will shine. For instance, McDonald’s, with its red exteriors and bright yellow arches, stands out against the dark sky in this photograph. From this angle, the building’s architectural features lead the eye in and create visual interest.

Hotel photography

Hotels & Hospitality

When photographing hotels, corporate event centres, and banquet halls, we go beyond the traditional vantage points, playing with angles, light, and composition to create enticing, visually appealing images.

For example, in this photo of the Hilton Garden Inn, we used the surroundings and natural lighting to set the tone and add visual interest to the photo. The lights from the cars, conveying speed and movement, are contrasted with the building, set on a pink sky backdrop, which presents the space as calm, warm and inviting.

Office building

Office Interiors & Corporate Headquarters

Office interiors can be challenging for the average person to photograph. We use lighting and top of the line equipment to make your space look its absolute best.

Each office space we photograph is unique and provides its own set of challenges. We will take the time to identify the obstacles and bring the tools to ensure the space looks its absolute best.

We can photograph your office during the day with staff or after hours when the office is empty. This way we can ensure there is little to no interruption to your daily business operations.

Retail store photography

Retail Store Exteriors

When it comes to photographing store fronts, we want to help you make a strong first impression by creating images that pique customers’ interest and inspire them to visit in person. It is about capturing the essence of your business.

What makes your space unique? What do you want to showcase to customers? Allow us to use our skill, experience, and creative eye to produce unique, attractive images for your business.

Hotel interior photography

Hotel Interiors & Restaurants

When photographing hotel and restaurant interiors, we want to create images that enhance the visual interest of these spaces and highlight their unique architectural features. It is important to present hotel and restaurant interiors as warm and welcoming, and create a sense of comfort.

We are knowledgeable and skilled in the use of lighting techniques to account for the presence of both natural and artificial lighting in one space.

How do you want customers to see your hotel or restaurant? We will ensure that your vision is reflected in the photographs.

In the example here, the approach to composition opens up the space and creates a sense of depth. Leading lines draw the eye in and upward, emphasizing the height of the ceiling, and creating a sense of splendor.

Calgary architectural photography

Why we are different

Robert is an architectural photographer that specializes in photographing buildings of all types. He has special training to enable him to produce accurate images of structures.

Using lighting, special equipment and unique vantage points we create stunning photographs of the built environment. Architecture is one the most difficult forms of photography, as it takes a great deal of experience, skill and creative flair.

We are experts in the field of architectural photography and proudly serve businesses in Calgary and surrounding areas. If you are looking for an expert in Calgary architectural photography we are happy to help!

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Do you need some amazing photos of your latest architectural project?

Robert Lowdon Photography is one of the most highly sought-after architectural photography studios in Canada. We have a unique perspective that will make your work look incredible.

Our photos have been featured in magazines and online all over the world, so you can be sure that your project will get the attention it deserves.

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Professional photography makes all aspects of your marketing perform the way it should. Images will make customers want to interact with your brand, as well as help them relate to your product. Most importantly, it will allow them to visualize using your product or service before making a purchasing decision. This applies just as much as a new home buyer buying a house, a customer planning on visiting a retail store or a large company choosing who the right firm is to develop their next great building project.


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We have industry standard safety training. We are comfortable working at heights, in adverse environments, and know how to work with proper care around heavy machinery.

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