Architectural Photography

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Our architectural photography portfolio features past photographs produced for various architects, builders and design firms.

We have had the pleasure of photographing different projects and properties all over Canada. From high-rise condo buildings in Toronto to corporate head offices in Calgary, to retail stores in Vancouver, and everything in between. We know architecture.

Etobicoke walking bridge


Photography Services

Our Toronto headquartered business works with architectural firms from all over Canada. We showcase their latest architectural projects to a large audience. From builders to architects to store owners, we create architectural and interior photographs that communicate with the viewer. We craft photographs that put the viewer right in the environment, as if they were there themselves.

As renowned architectural photographers, Robert Lowdon Photography provides a wide range of architectural photography services. We specialize in commercial, institutional, residential, and industrial buildings.

Above is a small sampling of just a few of the architectural projects we have had the pleasure of photographing. In each one of these projects, we take our time to photograph the space with the proper equipment and utilize appropriate lighting to ensure an exceptional end product. We use state of the art technology and expert training to create beautiful architectural and interior photographs you will love for years to come.

Interior Design & Building Exteriors That Draw You In


Many customers hire us to photograph their building interiors, offices, and retail stores. Architectural photography of interiors, and building exteriors, take skill to photograph. Our team excels in creating compelling photography of various types of architectural photography. We use the right lighting equipment, as well as the proper lenses and cameras. More importantly, we take the time to do things right, which is why our company guarantees the quality of our work to be of the highest standard.


We understand as an architectural photography studio that there is a key reason why our clients choose to hire a professional architecture photographer. That is, they need a professional with many years of experience who has the technical knowledge and the tools to produce high-quality interior images that they cannot do themselves. More importantly, they need the pictures we take to drive customers to their stores, to win design awards, and get more clients for their business.

Our mission, as an architectural photographer, is to provide a remarkable tool for client engagement. A tool that is tremendously valuable to our clients, who understand the power of the best architectural and interior photography to drive revenue back to their business.

Architectural Photography & Building Images

Photography of the outside of finished buildings. Architecture images include everything from skyscrapers, large warehouses, retail stores and so much more. We often photograph these projects either late in the day or early in the morning to take advantage of the best lighting conditions.

Our team takes the extra effort to get really great photographs of the properties we are commissioned to capture. Whether that means visiting several times for the best weather, taking the time to move items around to setup the shot for the most dynamic look, or spending that extra time in post with editing to provide a cleaner finished product, we do what it takes to knock it out of the park.

Video, Aerial Images, & Drone Photography

Our company can provide aerial images of large building sites, finished projects and just about anything else in between from the air. These images can provide a dynamic vantage point, where traditional photography cannot compete. Areas of urban design can specifically benefit from this style of photography to showcase the overall scale of the project.

We are certified by Transport Canada to conduct advanced drone photography operations throughout Canada. We can fly in restricted areas and handle any permits and permissions that may be needed.

We can scale to any size, whether that might require airplanes or photography from helicopters.  If you need an architectural photo of a projects that is hard to get, drones might be the answer.

What Is an Architectural Photographer?

An architectural photographer is a type of photographer who specializes in photographing architectural subjects, such as buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Architectural photographers typically use specialized equipment, such as large format cameras, tripods, and wide-angle lenses, to capture images that accurately represent the scale and design of their subjects.

In addition to capturing the physical appearance of architectural objects, architectural photographers often strive to capture the feeling or mood of a space. As a result, their work often combines elements of art and documentary photography. See more in our architectural photography guide.

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Architectural Photographer That Aligns With Your Vision

Capturing stunning architectural photos is an art form that takes years of practice and a lot of expensive equipment. Not to mention the time it would take you to learn how to use all that gear.

Robert Lowdon Photography offers a full range of architectural photography services that will help you capture your building or project in its best light. From exterior shots to interior details, we will work with you to create images that show off your work in the most impressive way possible.

We operate right across Canada, and primarily out of the following cities: Calgary, Mississauga, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal. We are experts in capturing stunning architectural shots.

Let’s Work Together to Show your building
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Hands down, you need amazing images to attract customers to your business. Customers want to see the incredible work you can do. To get those images, you need an expert photographer from Robert Lowdon Photography.