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Based in Toronto, we photograph industry throughout Canada. Nothing we shoot is ordinary. We have the skill and determination to get the job done in the most challenging environments.

From industrial facilities or working at heights, we have experience working in many different environments. We specialize in industrial photography.

We work in all locations from hazardous environments, to food manufacturing and everything in between. We will capture the photographs that few others can or are willing to take.

As a Toronto industrial photographer, Robert has experience in fall protection, dangerous material handling, PPE, and more. From a cold storage warehouse in Brampton to a food production facility in Markham, to a cross-dock facility in Mississauga, and anywhere in the GTA, we go where needed. We have the proper experience, practice safe work, and create impacting images of industry throughout Canada that our clients love for years to come.

Industrial photography by photographer Robert Lowdon

What we do

Industrial Photographer Toronto

When it comes to capturing stunning and compelling images that showcase your business, you can trust our experience. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence in photography and have had our work featured around the world, demonstrating our continued commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Our expertise and technical knowledge ensure that every photo we take is high-quality, efficient, and accurate, helping you stand out from the competition and connect with customers. From editorial images that appeal to customers, to turning a complex project into something visually appealing, we have the expertise to help you tell your story. Based in Toronto, we’re here to help you communicate effectively and professionally through photography on your website, social media, proposals, portfolios, and more. Count on us to help you show off your business in the best possible light.

manufacturing photography


Images of the facility, steps to produce a product.

manufacturing photography


Photography of factories, yards, work sites etc.

manufacturing photography


Machinery both large and small.

manufacturing photography

Finished Products

Final products, raw material etc.

manufacturing photography


Photography of staff, managers, trades and more.

manufacturing photography


Drone images and video of sites, buildings etc.

manufacturing photography


Pictures showing adherence to safety and standards.

manufacturing photography

Large Machinery

Equipment used in large scale production of products.

How we are different

Photography Services

For over a decade Robert Lowdon Photography has been supplying high quality industrial photography to clients all over Canada. As an experienced industrial photographer Robert knows how to effectively and safely work on any construction site. Our company believes that the success of our photography business completely relies on the success of our clients.

Since the start, we have never missed a deadline. The price we quote is the price we invoice. We deliver on time and on budget every single time. We are extremely professional, responsive, quick to offer help, and we completely guarantee all our work from start to finish. Simply put we will do what ever we can to help you out, and ultimately make your Brampton industrial photography project a success. No other photographer will work harder for your business.

Our Work

Just a small sample of some of the great industrial projects we have been happy to be a part of throughout Canada.

Why You Need Photography

Professional photography makes all aspects of your marketing perform the way it should. Images will make customers want to interact with your brand, as well as help them relate to your product. Most importantly, it will allow them to visualize using your product or service before making a purchasing decision. This applies just as much as a new home buyer buying a house, a customer planning on visiting a retail store or a large company choosing who the right firm is to develop their next great building project.


Increase Brand Awareness


Makes Marketing More Effective


Makes Website More Effective


Increase in New Clients

What is an Industrial Photographer Anyway?

An industrial photographer is a photographer that specializes or has training in photographing industrial operations. They have experience working on industrial work sites. A good industrial photographer is familiar with the proper safety processes and regulations.

When we talk about industrial photography, we are referencing the heavy manufacturing, chemical processing, transportation, construction sectors and more. We focus on business that makes, produces and transports materials and / or finished goods. Basically, the businesses that support our economy.

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Choose Robert Lowdon Photography for Your Next Project

As a professional photographer, Robert has years of experience working on different job sites around Canada. Our company believes in creating a collaborative experience for our clients. We use state of the art equipment, are professionally trained in photography, and licensed to carry out advanced drone operations.

We have industry standard safety training. We are comfortable working at heights, in adverse environments, and know how to work with proper care around heavy machinery.

We produce high quality images that help our clients win business. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and getting the job done well.

We guarantee the quality of our work from start to finish.



Hands down, you need amazing images to attract customers to your business. Customers want to see the incredible work you can do. To get those images, you need an expert photographer from Robert Lowdon Photography.