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Finding the right photographer who can capture your company’s unique story and style is important.

Lifestyle photography is a great way to show off your products or services in an aspirational, relatable, and authentic way. Understanding brands, marketing, and how clients will utilize lifestyle images are all integral to the planning process.

At Robert Lowdon Photography, we offer a full-service experience through project management, creative design, storyboarding, location scouting and more. You have big goals, and we want to help you achieve them.

Lifestyle photography of couple in canoe


Photography Services

We Tell Great Stories

As agencies, marketing managers and creative directors strive to create more meaningful connections with their audience, lifestyle photography has become an invaluable asset. This type of imagery artfully captures true-to-life moments that evoke a sense of aspirational relatability, inspiring viewers to align themselves with the success highlighted in each individual story. Through vivid visuals featuring real people succeeding at their dreams, we can craft images that will capture attention and make a lasting impression on consumers. As a result, creating powerful stories far beyond traditional photos or advertisements.

Robert is a lifestyle photographer based in Toronto, Canada, who specializes in capturing moments and telling stories through images. His work has been featured in magazines, online publications, and advertisements across the globe. 

Robert has the expertise and skill to produce images that represent the identity of your business.

Above is a small sampling of just a few of the lifestyle projects we have had the pleasure of photographing. In each one of these projects, we take our time to photograph our subjects with the proper equipment and utilize appropriate lighting to ensure an exceptional end product. We use state of the art technology and expert training to create beautiful photographs you will love for years to come.

Comprehensive Project Management


Project management is an integral part of any successful photography project. Knowing how to plan and execute a successful shoot goes beyond the technical aspects of taking pictures. It involves managing the entire process from start to finish, including organizing all the elements involved in the shoot, budgeting, scheduling and keeping track of progress. Having a well-managed project ensures that all elements are taken into account and planned for, leading to a successful outcome with fewer surprises.

Having an experienced professional handle your project management can help reduce unnecessary stress and avoid costly mistakes. With our expertise, we’re able to provide valuable insight on how best to allocate funds for equipment rental, locations and talent acquisition, as well as negotiate rates that fit within your budget without sacrificing quality.


Additionally, the dedicated project manager acts as the point person between all parties involved in the shoot – such as clients, crews, vendors and the photographer. It is their responsibility to provide clear communication, time management skills, and the ability to adapt and make decisions quickly. These skills are critical when it comes time to review footage or discuss changes while keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

Ultimately, investing in high quality project management services will give you peace of mind during a photoshoot knowing everything has already been taken care of before things get underway. With our team of experts here at Robert Lowdon Photography, we guarantee seamless and timely delivery of high quality results every time!

On Location Expertise

We are experts when it comes to conducting photoshoots on location. Whether it be at your own facility or a rental facility, we have the ability and expertise to deliver a seamless experience.

Whenever possible we arrange site visits prior to the photoshoot to become familiar with the location and develop the best plan to achieve the shoot goals.

When working at our client’s facilities, it is important to us to have little disruption to their daily operations. We are dedicated to avoiding production delays and always adapt our plans and schedules when necessary.

With rented locations, we always research and scout multiple locations to provide our clients with choice. We also negotiate to find the best location for the best rate to fit any budget. We work with the city to arrange for permits when necessary, taking care of all the little details.

International Capabilities

We are skilled in planning photoshoots and have the expertise to execute anywhere. When you are looking to a hire a photographer, we want you to hire one based on their style and creativity, as well as their understanding of your brand identity. We don’t want geographical location to be a barrier for hiring a photographer that fits your needs.

We travel across Canada & Internationally to provide stunning visual assets to our clients. Through our project management resources, we have the ability to plan and execute any complex project. We can be trusted to get the job done on time and deliver exceptional results.

For our multi-location clients, it is also important to have cohesive visual assets across your entire brand. Gone are the days where our clients need to hire a photographer in each market. We can plan a national campaign and provide a plan that works best for their budget.

Creativity First

We specialize in creative design and strive to bring creativity to every aspect of our photography. We are constantly pushing the boundaries so that you receive the most impactful and captivating images. Our process starts with a concept, develops into a plan, and ends with images that speak volumes.

No matter the subject or the style, creativity is always at the forefront of our photography. We use our artistry to produce visuals that stand out and captivate audiences. Our imaginative and innovative techniques ensure that your photos are truly one of a kind.

At the end of the day, creative design is one of our core strengths. We believe creativity is the key to generating stunning visuals that capture your story and bring it to life in a powerful way. Our goal is to create images that are both beautiful and timeless, so they can do the heavy lifting for your next campaign.

Client Relationships

Our Customer Service is Second to None

We believe in creating exceptional client relationships. With our collaborative working style, we aim to achieve the best possible experience for our clients.

By taking the time to have a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives, we are able to develop a customized service that is effective, efficient, and on budget.

We understand that trust is key in any business relationship and we work hard to build that trust with clear communication. On a photoshoot we have a dedicated liaison for the client to keep them up-to-date on the shotlist, timing, changes etc. This keeps the photoshoot running on time with fewer delays and provides our clients peace of mind.

We don’t just want to deliver a stunning end product, we want our client experience along the way to be exceptional as well.

Let’s Work Together to
Build Great Visuals for Your Brand

Hands down, you need amazing images to get attention in today’s crowded market. We can help you get there. Let us do the heavy lifting and craft a plan that will exceed your expectations.