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Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is all about capturing the intricate details from the design, as well as the talent of the builders who made the vision come to life. With over 10 years of experience in architectural photography throughout Toronto and Canada, we understand how to showcase buildings with the proper angles, lighting and creative flair to capture your viewer’s interest. Below is our commercial architectural photography portfolio featuring past photographs with a strong focus on large commercial projects. This can include anything from retail stores, to office buildings, hotels, restaurants and more.

L tower toronto

Why we are different

Beautiful images don’t just happen. They are created by commercial architectural photographers who not only have spent hours learning their way around a camera but also have a fine eye for detail. They study light and know how to manipulate it to get the results they want.

Photography of commercial architecture presents its own set of unique challenges. Challenges that our expert architecture photographers are more than able to meet.

We’ll capture your building in the best lighting to show it off in all its glory. Our goal every time is to capture amazing architectural images that thoroughly impress your clients.

We are willing to go the extra mile and will capture stunning images like those you see in this portfolio. Sometimes that means getting up at the crack of dawn or staying until the sun goes down to get that beautiful soft light. Rest assured, here at Robert Lowdon Photography, we don’t shy away from doing whatever is necessary to ensure gorgeous photographs every time!

We are leaders in commercial architectural photography.

Award Winning Design

We live in a highly visual world. As an architect, you understand the power of what we see more than the average person. Your clients more than anything want to see results. Put an image of your design work in front of them and you assure them that what you are offering is exactly what they want. It will leave them wanting more and inspire them to hire you for their project.

We produce eye-catching images that inspire buyer confidence, we make pictures that win architects awards and we produce photographs that help designers communicate with clients.

Being specialists in commercial architectural photography, we can create accurate and dynamic images you will love for years to come. You can see more in our complete guide to architectural photography.

Committed to Quality

All of our commercial architectural photography is backed by a 100% quality guarantee so you can be sure that you are getting photography that exceeds your standards every time.

We also offer a weather protection guarantee that covers you in case the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.

Commercial architectural photography of a retail store exterior.

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Hands down, you need amazing images to attract customers to your business. Customers want to see the incredible work you can do. To get those images, you need an expert in commercial architectural photography from Robert Lowdon Photography.