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As a commercial photographer in Winnipeg I work with our clients to provide photographs that exceed expectation. Pricing and usage rights are customized to each clients specific needs. We believe great photography is a collaborative process between the photographer and the client. Commercial photography needs to be delivered on time. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, every time. 

We Believe in Good Business

We believe in the great things like corporate responsibility and doing good in the community. We also do the important things like deliver on time, every time. We show up when we are supposed to and just enjoy being easy to deal with, all while delivering exceptional experiences. This world is stressful enough and we try to make your life just a little bit easier.

Committed to Detail

We excel in producing finely crafted images to suit your business or advertising campaign. Photographs that create excitement, share ideas and tell the world who you are, and what you do. We are happy to listen to your ideas, customize a shoot that is unique to your business, and craft your visual identity. The details are important and we pay attention to them.

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For over 10 years we have been helping our Winnipeg commercial photography clients market their businesses across Canada. We would like to hear about your project. We will make your project come to life, on budget and ahead of schedule. Get started today with a free no obligation quote.

Tell Your Story With More than Words

Robert Lowdon Photography has over a decade of experience helping companies just like yours achieve their advertising goals. We proudly serve businesses in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

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Choose Robert Lowdon Photography for Your Next Project

As a Winnipeg commercial photographer, Robert has years of experience working on different job sites around Canada. Our company believes in creating a collaborative experience for our clients. We use state of the art equipment, are professionally trained in photography, and licensed to carry out advanced drone operations.

We have industry standard safety training. We are comfortable working at heights, in adverse environments, and know how to work with proper care around heavy machinery.

We produce high quality images that help our clients win business. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and getting the job done well.

We guarantee the quality of our work from start to finish.

What We Do

Commercial Photography Services in Winnipeg



The perfect images to document your latest creation or work space. Architectural photography invites customers into your space.

Business and large retail interiors can be one of the most challenging environments for any photographer. We excel in lighting these difficult environments.



Capture the complete essence of your business and put it on display to the world. Show your clients why your product is better and increase consumer engagement.

Professionals need properly executed professional images. From politicians, sales agents, to executive’s, professional images raise your profile.



Companies all over Winnipeg manufacture goods that are supplied across the world. Today, more than ever, customers want to know that the companies they deal with are good corporate citizens. They want corporations that value safety, protect the environment and treat their employees like family.

A great industrial photographer will create images that will portray these principals. We’ll show your clients that they have made the right decision. See our industrial photography portfolio by clicking the button below.

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