5 Images From the American Southwest

I thought I would write a short little photo blast of a post. Unfortunately, I don't get much time for blogging these days. Far to busy with clients and just photography in general. Hopefully, you won't hold it against me (laughs).


I wanted to give a purely unbiased look at the area. Being a Canadian, from the prairies even, the landscape is completely foreign to me. I'm looking to document the natural beauty as a complete outsider.


So here are 5 of my Favourite Images for my recent trip the American Southwest. (Full disclosure I actually have about 50 favourites). These images were also featured in my recent show: Break The Sky: Photographs of the West.


5. Grand Canyon North Rim at Dusk

Nothing can make a person feel small like the Grand Canyon. There is a feeling of inner peace that comes over oneself. 

grand canyon at sunset


4. Canyonlands National Park

Admittedly shooting this image scared me, alot. I'm not always too comfortable with heights at any given time. I always work through it, but, let's just just say I felt this one a lot more then some of the others. Oh and by the way, that's about 5200 feet to the bottom and I'm hanging over the edge of the cliff.


canyonlands national park photograph

3. Arches National Park at Sundown

Arches National Park probably blew my mind more than any other park the colours of the soil, rock formations seem completely foreign. Growing up on the prairies, this is as close as you can come to Mars on Earth.


arches national park

2. Somewhere in Utah

Sometimes you just walk off the road and you find something, maybe even yourself along the way. This was located off the highway somewhere between Canyonlands and Arches.


desert storm

1. On Top of Rocky Mountain National Park

You can drive to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park. In fact at one point the road even crosses right over the peak. Not so much as guard rail on either side, 12,000 ft to the bottom.


rocky mountain national park