Glacier In Change


Behind The Image

“Glacier is like this park in turmoil. Most of the glaciers are completely gone and has seen quite a few forest fires. This land in changing, take whatever message you want from that.” -Robert Lowdon

Glacier National Park

Located in Montana, Glacier Park is over a 400,000 hectares in mass. It currently has 762 lakes, 563 streams, and 200 waterfalls.

The park once contained numerous glaciers on the various mountain peaks. Today only several glaciers remain in Glacier National Park. Due to global warming most have melted away into the past.

Matching This Piece To Your Home

This glacier park wall art has a lot of sun-kissed green in the image that really gives the composition a lot of pop. This is an excellent standout artwork in any room. As long as it is solitary it should fit almost anywhere.

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Change is afoot in Glacier National Park. The glaciers that have long been a staple of the park are melting away due to global warming, and in their wake, deadly forest fires have erupted. This photo captures the devastating effects of climate change in one haunting image. The dark, empty landscape is a stark contrast to the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. The grey skies overhead only add to the feeling of despair that hangs over the scene. This limited edition artist proof is signed and numbered by the artist, making it a true collector’s item.

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