The California Complex


The California Complex hints at the complexities that California must face in balancing the health of its environment with its population’s needs.

The environment found in landscapes like the Coachella Valley are amazing. This rift valley is surrounded by mountains and its unique, arid landscape includes deserts, lush forests, hot springs, geysers, and awesome rock formations. The desert area of the Coachella Valley is teaming with life. You will find a variety of plants and trees like the Joshua Trees, the Yucca and the California Fan Palm, and animals like the bobcat, coyote and fox. It is this natural environment that attracts a significant number of people to settle and visit the Coachella Valley.

There are approximately 500,000 permanent residents living in the Coachella Valley. This number swells incredibly every year when 3.5 million people come to visit not only the wilderness areas, but also the urban centres and resorts.

This large population has taken its toll on the environment. Although manufactured irrigation systems were built to allow the Coachella Valley to become a highly productive agricultural area and meet its population’s needs, water shortages frequently occur. The city seen in The California Complex is Palm Springs, a resort city that is now considered to have some of

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California is a land ripe with controversy. From beautiful natural wonders to densely populated areas, sparse deserts to expansive forests, and not to mention water shortages thrown in for good measure. The population is in a constant state of conflict with the natural environment. The Coachella Valley lies below in a night time view from Joshua Tree National Park. The popular resort escape of Los Angeles, Palm Springs can be seen in the distance.

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