Hills of Petrified Forest


When I first heard the name of the Petrified Forest National Park I thought that the trees must be just so terrified to be there. Granted, I have been known to have a quirky sense of humor. All joking aside, this national park is known for the conifer trees that became fossilized, or petrified approximately 225 million years ago.

The Petrified Forest National Park is located in northeastern Arizona and is also known for having large numbers of other types of fossils and unusual rock formations. One of these rock formations are hill-sized dome structures called the Teepees. They remind me of much larger versions of mole hills because of their shape and and the way that they lie on the flat desert floor. The Teepees are thought to be at least 230 million years old and their unique colouring and shape was created by erosion over this vast period of time. What is most striking about the hill sized Teepees is their multiple layers of colours of grey, red, blue, purple and green.

Mole Hills was taken just off a roadway in the Painted Forest area of the Petrified Forest National Park. This photograph captures what you would see when standing on the flat desert floor, looking directly at one of the Teepees. Looking upwards you can see the whispery clouds in the deep blue sky that overlook the multicoloured hills and the flat sandy ground below. You can almost feel the heat of the sun and smell and feel the dust in the air.

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Reminiscent of small hills formed by animals the image tells the story of an ancient landscape.

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