The Pacific Ocean

Behind The Image

“I wanted to really capture the majesty of the Pacific Ocean. There is something that is so magical about it, appearing from the mountains. There is a whole big world out there” -Robert Lowdon

Redwood National Park is found in northern California along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This region of coastal mountains is also home to lush forests of redwoods – the largest trees in the world. These magnificent trees can grow to majestic heights of 107 meters and obtain a width of 7 meters. Redwoods can also live to the ripe old age of 2,000 years.

About 160 million years ago, redwood trees were found throughout the northern hemisphere. As time went on, they became confined to an area that extends from the northern California coast to the southern Oregon coast. Once logging was introduced to these areas of the United States, the number of redwood trees dwindled rapidly. In order to protect the extinction of these magnificent trees, the Redwood National Park was established in 1968.

In 1980, Redwood National Park was designated as a Unesco World Heritage Site in order to protect not only its redwood trees, but also its unique landscape of mountains, rolling hills and beaches with their own unique flora and fauna like bald eagles, sea lions and California brown pelicans.

The Pacific Ocean captures a sunset that can be found on the Pacific Coast at Redwood National Park. The dawn sky casts a richly coloured hue over the pacific ocean and its rock strewn beach. Looking into this picture you can imagine standing on the beach feeling the chill in the air as you hear the crashing waves, and look up at the brilliantly coloured sky.

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The Pacific Ocean adjacent to Redwood National Park at dawn. First light casts up the ocean as a new day begins on the west coast.

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