Yoho Waterfall


Sightseers and artists flock to Yoho National Park every year to experience its amazing natural attractions. Some of the most popular sites include the Rocky Mountains, Emerald Lake,the Burgess Shale, the Natural Bridge, the Kicking Horse River and the waterfalls that are found there.

The most popular waterfalls at Yoho National Park are the Takakkaw and Wapta Falls. It is electrifying to watch these forces of nature as they plummet down from great heights. The sound is deafening and the mist they create provides welcome cooling on a hot summer’s day. ‘Wapta’ comes from a Nakoda word for ‘River’. This waterfall is the largest found in the Kicking Horse River, and its waters plunge from a height of 30 meters at an average rate of 254 cubic meters per second. Takakkaw Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Canada at a height of 373 metres. Its waters drop down 3 different levels, with the largest drop being 254 meters. Not surprisingly, the Cree name for Takakkaw Falls is ‘wonderful’.

Yoho Waterfall illustrates the raw natural beauty of a waterfall in Yoho National Park. This photograph makes you feel that you are in this magnificent landscape. Your eyes are drawn to the thundering waterfall as it plunges down the mountain to the waters below. In the foreground waters run rapidly by in the forest that surrounds you. You can almost hear the deafening noise of the waterfall, feel the cooling air and smell the calming forest air.

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Photographed in Yoho National Park, Canada. The Canadian wilderness offers a raw natural beauty unique to our country.

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20 x 30 Giclee Archival Print (photograph)

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