How to Photograph Snow

Photographing the snow can be difficult at times. Here are some quick photo tips to get you started.


5 Quick Tips to Photograph Snow


Over Expose by One Stop 

Now, because of the highly reflective nature of snow, it can play havoc on a camera meter. Often your camera meter will be tricked, so you will want to increase your exposure by one stop to compensate. As a photographer you shouldn't be a slave to your cameras metering system. Make adjustments as needed.

Focus Manually

Your camera is going to have a hard time finding focus on a pure white landscape. Either focus manually or find a reference point to make it easier.


Take Advantage of Elevatation Changes 

One great feature of snowy landcapses is that they often feature a lot drifts and elevation pitchs. Take advantage of this in your photographs to really show a flowing motion in the landscape.


Go Out on Windy Days 

Use the wind to your advantage. Snow being blown by the wind can create some really great effects. These can include drifting and fogging to name a few.  


Pay Attention To The Direction of Light

Having shadowing in the photographs will really help you define the texture of snow. The last thing you want is a giant blob of white with no detail.


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