Corporate Photography for Canadian Pacific Railway

Written by Robert Lowdon

Robert Lowdon is an internationally published commercial photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He spends his time photographing architecture and industrial projects for the most part.

Published May 6, 2019

A business executive stands next to an office cubicle. ©Robert Lowdon

I had the pleasure of creating several corporate photographs for Canadian Pacific Railway. I really wanted to show the office environment in the portraits. Each individual was receiving a reward for their contributions to the company. I used some additional studio lighting in combination with the light from the office to create the desired effect in each image while preserving the editorial nature of the images.


Corporate Photography

Corporate photography for cp rail

A business executive stands next to a window in this example of corporate photography. © Robert Lowdon


Img 624f92edbebb8 | robert lowdon photography

A wider version with the Mississauga skyline in the distance. © Robert Lowdon


Img 624f92ef56755 | robert lowdon photography

Standing next to the cubicle. In this editorial portrait I created a natural lighting look to this image by match the light sources of my lights along with the window light in the background. © Robert Lowdon


Img 624f92f0d961b | robert lowdon photography

A business leader in an office. I used the fluorescent lights on the ceiling with a shallow depth of field to emphasize the subject. © Robert Lowdon


Img 624f92f240f26 | robert lowdon photography

Team photo in board room. I photographed this one with the window to the side and the boardroom table to the right. I wanted just enough of the chairs to show where you are but not over power the image at the same time. © Robert Lowdon


Img 624f92f3d6eea | robert lowdon photography

Executive in the control tower. This image was photographed in the control tower of a rail yard to give context to the subjects profession. © Robert Lowdon


Canadian Pacific Railway is large railway operating throughout Canada. The company moves millions of pounds of cargo on a daily basis.

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