Case Study: Industrial Architecture Photography Projects Across the GTA

Written by Megan Lowdon

Megan is the Director of Operations at Robert Lowdon Photography. Megan has 10 years of experience in project management and logistics planning, having worked in the event and hospitality industry for large companies for many years.

Published August 16, 2023

Industrial architecture image

Industrial architecture is a very niche market. It is used for warehouses, factories and manufacturing projects and is often photographed in stages from the beginning of construction to completion. Industrial building photography creates a compelling portfolio of images that architects, builders, and designers can leverage to secure new contracts and showcase their expertise within the industrial sector.

We recently completed an industrial architecture project for Frost Building Systems, one of North America’s largest insulated panel door installation contractors. Frost supplies and installs ACS, aluminum plate, siding, underfloor insulation, roof desk, and cold storage doors. Their key markets are process plants, cold storage facilities, supermarkets, distribution centres, industrial buildings and manufacturing facilities.

Over the years, we have developed a longstanding partnership with Frost. As part of our agreement, we are responsible for capturing and providing high-quality images of industrial buildings that have been expertly outfitted with their exceptional panelling and doors. In this blog, we share a sampling of industrial architecture photography we have completed for Frost across the GTA.

We also share the purpose of industrial architectural photography for industrial architects, manufacturing and construction businesses, as well as discuss how photography can benefit businesses from a marketing perspective and our top tips for architectural photography.

Industrial architecture project in ajax for h&m
Industrial architecture project in ajax for h&m
Showcasing specialty building materials and landscaping.
Showcasing specialty building materials and landscaping.
Closer view of industrial building and materials.
Closer view of industrial building and materials.

Different Types of Industrial Architecture Clients

Manufacturers of Materials

We are often commissioned by the manufacturer of industrial materials that are used for the construction of various types of industrial buildings. Think panels, facades, lighting, pre-fab structures etc. Our clients want these images to show their potential clients what the new materials look like installed. Professional images help bring their product to life and are a necessary piece of their sales initiatives.

Many large scale industrial buildings feature specialty building materials, clean lines, and more common elements like high ceilings and steel beams. Industrial buildings can also showcase key elements like technological advances, mass production of raw materials or specialized equipment. Many industrial structures utilize materials that are designed to last a long time, so it is important to capture the unique features of these buildings in order to show their quality and durability.

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Industrial Architects and Designers

Architects and designers of industrial architecture require photography for a few different reasons. Firstly, they need to show their potential clients what the design looks like in reality, especially if it’s something that hasn’t been built before that they are looking to showcase. Secondly, for their portfolio, compelling images of an architect or designer’s work can be invaluable tools when it comes to gaining new clients and contracts.

Developers can also be tasked with creating a building design that breathes new life into an old building. Many industrial buildings require creative solutions that not only blend both the old and new architecture but also look aesthetically pleasing. It is the architects responsibility to create an industrial design that fits the modern landscape and stays true to the heritage of the buildings they are designing. Photography is an integral part of preserving the history of the industrial architecture project prior to construction, as well as documenting the final product.

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Builders and Construction Companies

When a builder or construction company completes a project, they have a great deal of pride in the work that went into it, especially with projects that span over a few years. Professional photography can help them show off their skill set to potential clients as well as archiving their projects to look back on and reference for future jobs.

Images taken during the construction process can be used to showcase progress, highlight efficiencies, and promote safety throughout the worksite. Worker safety is an important aspect for any construction site, so it is important to document the work being done and any safety protocols that are in place as potential clients want to trust that the job will adhere to safety standards.

It is also in the builders best interest to capture unique photography of industrial building design, highlighting their ability to bring the interior designers dream to life.

Industrial architecture photography for vaultra storage in toronto
Industrial architecture photography for Vaultra Storage in Toronto.
Showcasing the modern landscape of industrial architecture project.
Showcasing the modern landscape of industrial architecture project.
Alternate view of the back of the building, including vaultra storage vehicles and branding.
Alternate view of the back of the building, including vaultra storage vehicles and branding.

Key Benefits of Industrial Architectural Photography

Creates Visual Aesthetic Appeal

Industrial architecture photography can create a dramatic impact on marketing collaterals and website designs. It can also add visual appeal to banners, fliers, and advertisements. Professional photography puts the focus on the industrial facilities best attributes, capturing the eye-catching industrial features and your brand’s personality. It also can help improve your online business presence.

Builds Trust with Prospective Clients

When it comes to industrial buildings, most clients want to see the details that make your building special. Photography can build customer trust by showcasing how your industrial buildings, materials and designs meet their needs. An experienced photographer knows which angles and approaches to use to showcase your buildings most effectively.

Inspires Brand Loyalty

Creating a connection with clients and employees is crucial in today’s digitally driven marketing environment. A carefully selected collection of authentic industrial architectural photographs can not only add aesthetic beauty and visual appeal to a website or marketing collateral but also inspire brand loyalty.

Professional images can help create a signature identity that resonates with your target audience and encourages clients to become invested to your brand.

Shows the Full Potential of Your Facility within the Built Environment

Industrial architecture photography is an excellent way to showcase the full potential of any facility. With the help of a professional photographer, you can elevate ordinary areas of your building into extraordinary visuals that will impress potential clients and employees.

Photography can also highlight company pride-inspiring aspects of your facility that may not be noticed without the right camera angles or lighting. For example, if you have a unique architecture features or ornamental flourishes in your building, such as an entrance arch or lobby ceiling detail, it can be highlighted with the help of professional photography.

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Twilight image of industrial architecture project for coleraine b&c between brampton and vaughan
Twilight image of industrial architecture project for Coleraine B&C between Brampton and Vaughan.
Adding the road and blurred cars into the images to provide movement and visual interest.
Adding the road and blurred cars into the images to provide movement and visual interest.
Closer up view of industrial architecture building materials
Closer up view of industrial architecture building materials

Tips for achieving the best results

Industrial architectural photography will showcase the structure, it’s materials and story, from a unique perspective. In addition to creating images that convey the features of the space, industrial architectural photographers also strive to create interesting compositions with texture, light and shadow. By paying attention to details like color palette, textures, symmetry and foreground.

When it comes to architecture photography for industrial facilities, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Firstly, you should use high-quality equipment. This includes a high-quality camera, a tripod, and lighting equipment.

Secondly, you should pay attention to lighting. Natural lighting is best, but if you’re shooting indoors, you should use artificial lighting to balance out the natural light.

Thirdly, you should focus on composition. Make sure that the lines and angles of the building are straight and that the horizon line is level.

Fourthly, you should experiment with different angles and perspectives.

Finally, you should be patient. It can take time to get the perfect shot, but with patience and perseverance, a great photographer will be able to achieve the best possible results.

Industrial architecture image for home depot warehouse in mississauga
Industrial architecture image for Home Depot Warehouse in Mississauga.
Straight on image of industrial buildings
Straight on image of industrial buildings
Showcasing the vast size of the industrial building.
Showcasing the vast size of the industrial building.


In conclusion, industrial architecture photography has become a necessary tool when it comes to marketing and branding for manufacturers, construction companies and architects. It’s creative and compelling visual content that can add distinctive beauty to any advertisement or marketing collateral for widespread use.

By using a professional photographer, you will not only improve the visual appeal of your marketing campaigns, but you will also build brand trust. Moreover, it will enable you to develop and maintain an exceptional brand that sets you apart from others and wins business.

If you want to chat more about industrial architecture photography, feel free to reach out! We’d love to discuss your project, ideals and goals, as well as how we can help achieve them.

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