Mountain Reflection | Banff


Mountain Reflection | Banff

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Strong water reflections create a mirror image of tranquility in the fine art landscape photograph.

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Photographed in Banff National Park Alberta. This is an open edition reproduction print. Available in sizes 8 x 12, 16 x 24, & 20 x 30. Finish: Pearl 

Behind The Image

"In this photograph I really wanted to make the reflection the most important part of the image. In some sense I down played the mountain, in order to show the perfect symmetry in the water." -Robert Lowdon

Banff National Park

“Banff”, the name of the national park, is a shortened version of the town of Banffshire, Scotland. 

Matching This Piece To Your Home

This artwork features a light blue pallet with supplementary green. It would easily fit on neutral colored walls. I sky blue wall, with a contrasting frame, would make a superior choice for this piece. Due to the high detail of this image it would do well in areas where the viewer can take the time to lean in. Hang at eye level, in areas that are less social, entrances bathrooms etc.

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