Dumb Things Photographers Say

I notice as photographers we certainly say some weird things occasionally. It seems to be a profession where one can easily put their foot in their mouth. Even yours truly from time to time, no just kidding I never do that, ever (right). So here is my list of stupid things photographers and aspiring photographers say.


7. I don't need a tripod: Yes you do, there are certain circumstances when you don't use a tripod for very specific reasons (namely speed and portability). But when you can use one, you definitely should. 


6. I only sell prints. Look it is not 1983 anymore. Clients want digital products, hence the term “Digital Age”. We all get that photographers used to make a ton of money and all this other jazz about how things have changed. Either evolve with the market or get out. So much complaining all the time, geesh.




5. Nobody gets to see my Raw files: Why, that’s just nuts. Do you not want your clients to have an idea of what they’re paying you for? I don’t know, but if I hired a photographer and they wouldn’t show me the images I’d have some strong doubts about them.


4. I'll fix it in Photoshop: Okay I have said this one a few times, but I’m usually referring to an exit sign or something that I can’t really rip out of the wall for a better shot. Things like, bad lighting, perspective and something that is just missing from the image can be “fixed” only to a certain degree in Photoshop. These bad shots will never look as good as if you did it properly in the first place.


3. I only shoot primes. Good for you, nobody cares.


2. I only use the most expensive lenses. That is awesome, that the one defining characteristic about your photography is that you have an expensive lens. Good for you.


Grand Prize: Once I buy this camera, I'll shoot weddings and make a ton of money. Please don’t ruin another person’s wedding due to inexperience. That is just wrong morally and ethically. (more about this topic)